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Data-as-a-Service : The Next Step in the As-a-service journey

Key messages

  • DaaS is an instinctive next step in the evolution of as-a-service. The benefits of DaaS extend beyond those of the as-a-service delivery model. The intrinsic value of DaaS as a means to access a broad range of external data sources to power business processes and augment in-house systems of record mark it for growing market prominence.
  • Why now? The data challenge only ever grows. Data is only getting bigger and more complicated. From volume to type, the challenges of sourcing and managing data distract organizations from finidng value in it.
  • Business actions unlock the value of data. Business technology belongs in the hands of business users, an IT solution that requires significant training or specialist skills has a barrier to its effective use. Users need to be freed to focus on content by easy-to-use, function-focused tools rather than fighting to understand the technology.
  • Beyond the technology : privacy, legal, and rights. To effectively use data means to understand its provenance and the implications of its use. Developing the necessary skills to tackle this issue is a real challenge for most organizations. Underestimating the importance of this area of data use cames significant risk, the leading DaaS vendors will position themselves to carry much of the burden.